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Campgrounds in South Carlsbad SB

North Loop (Group site)

South Carlsbad SB

Northern End (sites 1-34, 103-130)

South Carlsbad SB

Northern End (sites 35-102)

South Carlsbad SB

Southern End (sites 131-152, 188-223)

South Carlsbad SB

Southern End (sites 153-187)

South Carlsbad SB


A brief introduction to South Carlsbad SB

South Carlsbad State Beach (which includes South Ponto) is a public beach located in Carlsbad, California.
Known for being a place for swimming, surfing, skin diving, fishing, and picnicking, the campground, which is led by the stairway from the beach, is very popular during the summer.This beach is located immediately south of Carlsbad State Beach.

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