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Doheny State Beach - sergei.gussev
Photo: sergei.gussev
Doheny State Beach - sergei.gussev
Photo: sergei.gussev
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Doheny State Beach - sergei.gussev
Photo: sergei.gussev


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A brief introduction to Doheny SB

Doheny State Beach is a protected beach in the state park system of California, United States, located on the Pacific Ocean in the city of Dana Point. The beach is a popular surf spot located at the mouth of San Juan Creek, which flows from the Santa Ana Mountains southwest to the beach, where it forms a fresh-water lagoon.

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Camper reviews for Doheny SB

You Surf Here.

The campground is tight, dusty, and historic. The street noise is nearby. You don't camp here because you want nature. You camp here because you are going to spend the day in the water surfing, the evening drinking, and repeat. OR, you camp here so you can say you camped at Doheny. There are NO hookups. The dump station is questionable, as everyone and their 2nd cousin is using the station.

The day use lot is full of #surflife (related to #vanlife, but with surf boards), so don't learn to surf here - just fake looking like you've been surfing for 20 years. Which is easy to do by purchasing used wetsuits and boards from Play It Again Sports.

During the summer the snack shop is excellent. BUT the real gem is the shopping area north of the campground. AND, you need to bike over or enjoy the longer walk.

The hotel across the street has a simple brunch, nice pool, and a great bar.

Ginny Brideau
Ginny Brideau reviewed Doheny SB
on March 6th, 2023


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