The following are comments from Campnab users about their experiences with our service. Some of these notes come from social networks, but most are direct messages sent to us by our members. We’re happy that our little app has helped so many campers access otherwise sold-out campsites. Hopefully you’ll experience the same!

Yosemite Upper Pines

“Easy Pickins'”

Hi, Eric. I still can't believe I was able to score 3 sites at Yosemite Upper Pines after starting your service on the Jan 15 release day!

For some strange reason, a lot of campsites that were reserved at 7AM earlier that day were cancelled between 1-2PM PST. Anyway, I was in a good position to snag them because I was already logged into the site, and had Upper Pines up on the screen - so when I got the alerts, I just refreshed the screen, found the "available" sites and booked them - easy pickins'.

Don D.

Arches National Park


I am not being hyperbolic at all!

I was finally able to gather time and resources to take my family on an adventure to include visiting the beach and even camping as well. The problem was that even at 2 months in advance we could not find any reservations for any campsite within a 2-hour drive of the original location we desired.

We did find some scalper selling their camping reservations for hundreds more than they originally cost but as I researched I found CampNab. I decided to try it out and lo and behold just 3 weeks later I got a text message that a reservation was canceled and I had a shot. It was a perfect campground that allowed us to piece together an amazing vacation for the family. Without Campnab we would have had to completely change our plans or pay hundreds of dollars to keep our original plan. Campnab is a freaking GENIUS idea and I will absolutely use you again in the future and recommend you to anyone who could use your services.

Thank you so much!!!

Glen S.

Yosemite National Park


I wanted to take a minute to brag on Campnab and give your developers some much-deserved kudos. I just finished an amazing five-day trip to Yosemite National Park that literally took months of planning. Back in March, I was one of the thousands of people who frantically waited for the summer batch of campsite reservations to open on at 8:00am. I even had three other family members helping me remotely just to better my chances of booking a site. To my dismay, I was only able to snag ONE night for the trip.

Once I recovered from the whirlwind that just occurred, I wondered what alternative options might be out there and quickly typed “campsite availability tracker” in my web browser. That’s when I came across Campnab’s website. This was exactly the type of service I was looking for. I immediately signed up for the $20 option and crossed my fingers. Over the course of the next three months, I received several text messages alerting me when a campsite opened up at one of the locations Campnab was monitoring. Most of the time the sites got rebooked before I could even get to the reservation page (yes, Yosemite is THAT competitive!); however, after a number of determined attempts, I finally succeeded in snagging two more nights at the Upper Pines campground!

TWO DAYS before I left for my trip, I received one final notification that a site at Lower Pines opened up. To my surprise and delight, I was able to book it! I couldn’t believe it. Three months ago I was booking a reservation an RV park outside of Yosemite for the majority of my trip. By the time I left last week, all four nights were booked at campsites inside Yosemite Valley. There is absolutely no way I could have done this without the help of Campnab. Thank you for helping create an unforgettable experience at one of the world’s most beautiful national parks! Keep up the great work.

JoJo N.

Algonquin Park


One thing I didn’t notice in the testimonials was anyone commenting on how good this webbapp is for the parks themselves (aside from that bit in your your FAQ). Campnab helps campers by offering up the barrage of cancelled site reservations other visitors leave on the table, but at the same time offers up extra opportunities for parks to gain back revenue that could be missed.

For instance, a few days worth of alerts arrived before I gave in and booked a site. The next day, the golden goose of parks showed up in my inbox and I immediately cancelled the previous reservation in favour of this better site in a nicer park. The penalty was then collected by the Ontario Parks – in addition to the new reservation. This never would have happened had I not been notified after making the first reservation, neglecting to pause my alerts once a successful reservation had been made.

In a nutshell, anyone who speaks ill of this product doesn’t understand just how good it is for all parties involved. I commend you for creating such a robust, helpful app in this saturated market ;)

Just hoping parks don’t start blacklisting your IPs due to over-requesting and this thing live on forever!

Anyways, thanks guys :)

Dan C.

And there are more...

“I'll be using this site in the future for sure.”

This service really works! I needed a site for the weekend in a very popular state park just outside Denver. The kind of place where you have to get reservations months in advance. Well, after our four night stay mid week, we decided we'd like to stay for the weekend. There were no spots open on the campground's website. Using Campnab we were able to quickly reserve a spot for Friday/Saturday nights on a Thursday! I'll be using this site in the future for sure.

Randall Wallace

“It got me the perfect places!”

In Colorado, even pre Pandemic it's hard to find a campsite that isn't 3-6 hours away. Going for a weekend is impossible…until I found Campnap. It got me the perfect places!

Ann H

“I would absolutely use Campnab again…”

I recently went on a cross-country camping trip and, because I didn’t book everything 6-12 months in advance, the National Parks and State Parks I wanted to stay at were all sold out. I used Campnab extensively to get notified of cancellations and was able to get a reservation at nearly every park that I wanted. I would absolutely use Campnab again, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for reservations at hard-to-get parks.

Kimberly Boneham

“…it’s a complete no brainer”

As an RV service business in the Okanagan (Happy Campers RV Service) we recommend the site daily. It’s personally got my family into every campsite we requested this year and for the cost it’s a complete no brainer. The owners sound like great people and after talking to them personally it’s nice to see excellent customer service is at the forefront of there business model. Easy to use site as well. Thanks Eric! We look forward to booking many more trips with you next year! 🏕

Terry Laurin

“Worth the small fee”

I have been using campnab for 2 years. Getting a site in CA beaches and popular areas is impossible otherwise. Worth the small fee. Only this week I got 3 alerts for beach camping :) sign up you won’t regret it! HAPPY CAMPING!

Dorothy A Ericsson

“Saved us on many occasion…”

Brilliant app and service! Saved us on many occasion particularly at sites like Yosemite and various BC spots that get booked up so quickly!

Rosanna King

“I'll just spin up a Campnab.”

I was a real dope this year.

Fall break for the kids is when we always do a final camping trip for the year. Before it gets too cold.

This year it was my turn to plan it...and I totally forgot.

We hadn't hit up Yosemite as a family yet and we had previously been talking about how it'd be a great end-of-the-season, last tent camping hurrah!

I also knew, this late in the game, it was going to be totally booked.

I was afraid to tell my wife that we were probably going to have to settle for a local pumpkin patch and backyard tent camping instead of El Capitan and Half Dome this year.

Over some backyard, late-night beers I was lamenting to my friend Joel about how I blew it (everyone needs a Joel in their life). He told me about Campnab and that he had snagged a spot at the coveted Upper Pines in Yosemite literally a week before he had wanted to go a few months back.

Seemed like a long-shot...but a shot worth taking? Maybe.

I checked out the site.
Didn't sign up.
Told my wife I blew it.
Slept on the couch.
Dragged my feet for a week.
Got in another fight with my wife about my negligence.
Slept on the couch.
Got back on the site and decided...

...for $30 it was worth a try. Assuming it actually worked it would be a small tax to pay for my poor planning skills. If it didn't work I could always bad mouth it to my friends and leave a scathing review.

But, you know what? It freaking worked! For reals.

The first week I signed up I started getting text alerts that easily linked me directly to the booking page for the open site. No scrambling to find it in a panic.

WARNING! You DO have to move quickly. I literally missed like 15 alerts over the weeks. But, as our target week drew nearer the cancellations started pouring in and I got one!

I actually got one!

I'm off the couch now.

At this point I may never stay up til midnight again refreshing campsites over and over until the clock turns 12 just to book my favorite spot 6 months out.

I'll just spin up a Campnab.

Joseph Freeman


Camping in my area is.. impossible. Sites get booked the morning they become available. It's insane. I was feeling sad about not being able to enjoy the great outdoors. BUT thanks to Campnab I was able to go camping multiple times this season. Plus, customer support is great. Thanks Campnab!

Phil Smith

“Highly recommended”

They helped me many times to find campsites when I was devastated. They provide what they promise at the highest standard. Highly recommended.

Rad Haghi

“Great Job!!”

I heard about this site through a friend and decided to give it a try. The site met and exceeded my expectations. I received exactly what the the site said they would deliver!!! The site is very user friendly (I'm not tech savy) and I was able to book a camp site during each time period I specified. I have referred this site to my friends. I love that it is owned and managed by local residents in the Lower Mainland who are avid campers and understand what we want and need. Great job, all round!!!

Lynda Quan

“…the best accessory in our camping gear”

I’m torn giving a recommendation for Campnab. Because in this time of staying away from others. It seemed that everyone thought that camping was the last, best recreational thing to do. This made it harder than ever to get spots where I am and CAMPNAB became this superpower I could tap into to find that spot when everyone said it was unavailable on the days we wanted to go. CAMPNAB, has been the best accessory in our camping gear for the last two years

Eli Humen

“What a great tool…”

What a great tool to use when trying to get a camp spot in any highly desirable areas.

Joe Hartman

“I think this service is great for the parks as well.”

we used campnab alot this year. since discovering the service in June we've been able to stay in really high demand areas near Vancouver and also quite far away. really helped to combat the crazy BC parks booking system where it seemed like people just book everything 2 months in advance. I think this service is great for the parks as well. it certainly helps get them at max capacity. the amenities and maintenance required to operate a park comes at a cost. I also like the way the notification comes and you know you're competing with others to win the camp site......maybe that's just me though

Darren Saunders

“This service works!”

Really love campnab! This service works! Super easy to use and affordable. Yes you can afford it! Highly recommended!

Cara Bonnell

“Unbelievably helpful!”

Unbelievably helpful! Used this to get last minute spots in Yellowstone and Yosemite...and there were OPTIONS. I was getting about 1-5 alerts a day in the days leading up to my trip. Highly recommend!

Alexandra Muckle

“Simply put: brilliant!”

Campnab has been my go-to the last several summers when making reservations to camp at National Parks like Sequoia. Typically, one's gotta be on the computer exactly 6 months in advance of the future start date of a camping excursion, at 12:01am, to try to grab a campsite. Campnab makes all that unnecessary, and does so with an intuitive interface and reasonable membership/subscription fees. You get a text when a reservation matching your parameters opens up, click the link within the text to learn more, and decide whether or not to book. It's so awesome that I've "passed" on certain specific campsite openings that work with my planned dates, knowing it likely that something better would open up and I'd be notified. Simply put: brilliant!

Dave Sparling

“…and that's exactly what it was... Awesome!”

Campnab MADE our trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. All the sites were taken within an hour of being made available, and we were devastated. We signed up for the AWESOME package, and that's exactly what it was... Awesome! Not only did we get a camp site across from the dunes, we got the PERFECT site with gorgeous views we'll remember for a lifetime. I will always use Campnab any time I need a site somewhere that's all booked up. (Note: I received 17 texts of sites that had become available. People book far in advance and plans change. Get Campnab!)

Alycia Conrad

“Highly recommend and the customer service was fantastic”

Great experience using this app. Helped us book the site we wanted for our summer camping trip in Ontario. Highly recommend and the customer service was fantastic.

Ashley O'Donnell-Webster

“I love this service”

I love this service. Campsites at National Parks are hard to come by, but not with Campnab, which notifies you as soon as one comes available.

Tim O'Reilly

“I love this product!”

I love this product! My new camper purchase was delayed due to supply chain issues. I had to cancel all of my camping trips. Once I finally accepted delivery of my new camper, I quickly found that every campsite I was interested in was booked every weekend until the end of the season. This app changed everything. I went from no availability to being able to camp every weekend!

Jeffrey Byrns

“Great service”

Great service. Campnab was helpful getting a last minute site for a family trip.

Susan Parker Gibney

“Excellent service for the price”

Takes the pain out of trying to snag that elusive campsite at your favourite (and everyone else's) site, especially National Parks when the openings become available so rarely. Excellent service for the price.

Carol Megas

“Just make sure to keep your phone ready to receive text notifications…”

This is a great way to nab a campground even during the busy season! They do the legwork for you, by constantly checking for cancellations. Just make sure to keep your phone ready to receive text notifications from them at all times so you can NAB that perfect site! The customer service is excellent as well. Thanks, Campnab!

Martha Graham-Waldon

“Highly recommended and we will use again”

Fantastic service at a reasonable price. We managed to snag three or four (very popular) sites at the last minute this summer, thanks to Campnab. Highly recommended and we will use again.

Daniel McLeod

“They made me look like a star!”

We love CampNab. I was super behind in planning this year and about a month before we were to head out on a 4 week trip I figured I better get on it. Luckily I found CampNab. Through them we were able to get all the campgrounds we wanted, even hard to book places like Grand Teton National Park and Glacier NP. It is an amazing service and I would recommend it to anyone. They made me look like a star!

Michelle Thornton

“…it’s an absolute game-changer”

Excellent platform to book your camping spots! I’m somewhat last minute and cannot get it together to remember to book places weeks/months in advance. I heard about campnab from a friend and it’s an absolute game-changer. I highly recommend, and look forward to using again!

Lynsey Hibbert

“It’s worth every penny!”

I tell everyone I know about your service. It’s enabled me to stay in Yosemite valley, and most recently the watchman campground in Zion. I couldn’t have stayed there but for your service. It’s worth every penny!

Joel DeConcini

“…the app is super easy to use”

Very happy with CampNab's service. Customer service is exceptional and the app is super easy to use - you can even choose what sites you want! Sadly, we didn't get lucky with a campsite this year, but the park we wanted is a popular one and we knew it would be a long shot. The money was well spent for at least a shot at it though, and we'll definitely try again next year. Thanks again!

Susan Browne

“I received daily alerts…”

This service is awesome and the only way we were able to get sites this year. I received daily alerts for spots that opened up. Awesome!

Sally Strange Vanderwal


SO WORTH IT. Got near-daily availability alerts for a month, and because of The Erics, we were able to reserve our favorite spot. Customer service is excellent, and the plans (or pay-per-use) options are tiered perfectly. THANK YOU!

Hilary Ann

“Would have been soooo stressful to do this kind of trip last minute without Campnab.”

We've just had a two weeks of camping in Washington State thanks to campnab. We booked our vacation time last minute and I honestly thought we'd be camping one night and finding a motel for the rest! A friend recommended Campnab and we found 5 nights on Orcas Island (a couple of different sites, but one of them was a site that never looks available when booking in advance). We then travelled onto the Olympic Peninsula, camped by the ocean and camped and hiked at Mount Rainier. We set out with most days booked, but also chopped and changed as we were on the road, using Campnab. Would have been soooo stressful to do this kind of trip last minute without Campnab. We've recommended you to many camping friends (including new friends made on campgrounds). Thanks again!

Helen Ingham

“…within short order we had camp sites at all three parks…”

We took a cross country national park road trip this summer and we were in despair because all campgrounds were booked at Glacier, Grand Teton, and Rainier. Stumbled across Campnab and within short order we had camp sites at all three parks, including the very hard to get Many Glacier campground! Highly recommend Campnab, its an absolute vacation saver!

John Wilson

“We had a great trip, thanks in large part to campnab.”

Strongly recommend Campnab! I used it this summer, and got campsites at every national park I tried, including Yosemite, Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon. We had a great trip, thanks in large part to campnab.

Karen Scharff

“I had the best campsite and all of Colorado!”

The service is amazing! It helped me snag the perfect spot for my summer trip to Crested Butte. I had the best campsite and all of Colorado! I wouldn’t hesitate using it again!

Emily Higinbotham

“…the only reason we got a spot this year”

This app is awesome! Honestly the only reason we got a spot this year. Easy to use and good value. Highly recommended 👏

Elena Ballam

“Great service”

Great service. Used to to reserve a last minute hard to get camp site.

April Nix

“Excellent service!!”

Almost all of our camping this season was because of Campnab. Excellent service!! Well done you guys :)

Michelle Dawn

“It works!”

We were able to book campsites in Yosemite twice over the summer using Campnab. It works! You have to be pretty quick to make the reservations once you've gotten an alert that there is an available site - but, at least for Yosemite, the alerts came frequently enough that we were able to get in for the dates we wanted without a problem.

Mollie Jones

“Excellent service to find available campsites…”

Excellent service to find available campsites when everything seems sold out!

Nadav Samet

“They helped me to get some really great spots relatively last-minute.”

This service is really great, especially In the Bay Area where every good campground seems to be fully booked in perpetuity. They helped me to get some really great spots relatively last-minute. FYI if you're trying find a spot at Yosemite, it's still going to be a challenge. Every other place I scanned for was a breeze, though.

Bobby Ditta

“This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime!”

When COVID came to town, it was almost impossible to book a string of consecutive days to camp at the state park of our choice in Colorado. I tried Campnab on a whim, but never expected it to work for me. But within 48 hours, Campnab texted me that someone had canceled an existing reservation at my campground of choice! Campnab held the spot for me automatically, for 15 minutes. This gave me the time I needed to complete the reservation. We booked 9 continuous nights at St. Vrain State Park in Colorado, with only 48 hours notice. This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime! Thank you Campnab!!

Roberta Goode

“Will use it for years to come!”

Great written program! Scored the perfect camp site! Will use it for years to come!

Daniel Brozovich

“Campnab is easily one of the best finds I had in 2021!”

Campnab is easily one of the best finds I had in 2021! I have been trying to snag campsites on my own for Yosemite Valley and Big Sur for some time now, with every attempt failing...until this year. Campnab helped me secure top campgrounds in Yosemite Valley 2x during peak summer months, and Big Sur. If you know me, you know I don't shut up about how great this service is. 10/10 recommend!

Nick Corbett

“What a great idea!”

We are new to campnab but heard good things about it. We figured we needed extra help finding campsites due to the popularity of camping during covid. It worked for us and we will definitely use the service again next season. What a great idea!

Susan Marino Simpson

“Campnab does it again!!!!!”

This morning, as per my typical morning from 8am 'til 9am, I sign on to Reserve Ca, then refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refesh. Frustrated, I stopped looking for about 5 minutes, and guess what? Campnab does it again!!!!! I recieved a text that the days I wanted were now available and I GOT THEM! Woo Hoo!
Headed back to Seacliff State Beach!! So happy with this service. Thank you, Campnab, for "refreshing" for me, when I just can't do it anymore❤❤

Teresa Junco

“High 5!”

Campnab helped me score a nice variety of campsites that were hard to get. I love it because my job doesn’t allow me to be sitting by a computer all day to check if sites are open. The app was EASY, customer service was EXCELLENT. I’d definitely recommend it, and I will be using in the future. Thank you Campnab! High 5!

Tara Spaschwa

“It is amazing and super easy to use!”

We love CampNab! It is amazing and super easy to use! I highly recommend anyone looking to find a great campsite wherever you are or wherever you want to be, this is the service for you!

Mitch Rowley

“…sooo helpful!!”

We have been traveling since January and we have been fortunate to nab some incredible state & federal campgrounds using campnab. Spending all March during Springbreaks in FL and being able to nab Anastasia, Blue Springs, Silver Springs & Collier Seminole in FL. Nabed Blackwoods campground in Acadia NP, Gros Ventre & Colter Bay in Grand Tetons NP, mammoth campground in Yellowstone NP. This website has been sooo helpful!!

Cindy Miller

“…thank you Campnab!!!”

Helped us snag spots at three of our favorite state parks, thank you Campnab!!!

Sarah Alexander

“Campnab helped me "nab" a site for Cultus Lake…”

Busy Cultus Lake Site Win: Campnab helped me "nab" a site for Cultus Lake (British Columbia, Canada) in the busiest part of the summer. I actually got notified about 5 different sites that became available in the 2.5 weeks I had to find a spot. Luckily for me, I was able to grab the first one of five!

Christina Keller

“Campnab is the real deal.”

Campnab is the real deal. It basically saved our COVID summer by finding sites that I would have missed otherwise. Also great, responsive, service.

Dale Yocum

“Absolutely worth the subscription!”

Helped us snag a spot at Colter Bay in Grand Teton over 4th of July weekend! Absolutely worth the subscription!

Mary Jacqueline Atkinson

“This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime!”

When COVID came to town, it was almost impossible to book a string of consecutive days to camp at the state park of our choice in Colorado. I tried Campnab on a whim, but never expected it to work for me. But within 48 hours, Campnab texted me that someone had canceled an existing reservation at my campground of choice! Campnab held the spot for me automatically, for 15 minutes. This gave me the time I needed to complete the reservation. We booked 9 continuous nights at St. Vrain State Park in Colorado, with only 48 hours notice. This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime! Thank you Campnab!!

Roberta Goode

“We were able to get campground spots at Rocky Mountain NP…”

Thanks to Campnab, we were able to get campground spots at Rocky Mountain NP & Great Sand Dunes NP between 2 months and 1 week out! They also helped us get sites at a couple Colorado state parks that were already booked up when I first checked. We had so much other planning & prep work to do for the trip that it was great to know Campnab was working for us. We'll definitely use them again in the future!

Jenn Marks

“I used Campnab to secure three different sites.”

If you love camping, use Campnab! Camp sites always get booked early, but Campnab watches for those last minute cancellations. I've gotten prime sites days before a long weekend. Crazy? Oh yes!

This summer I used Campnab to secure three different sites. It's a great service.

Matt Williams

“exactly what I need…”

This service does it exactly what I need it to do, and every time I use it, I get a great site, exactly where I need.

Leah G.

“Well worth the money!”

Wouldn’t have made the drive to The Kootenays if it wasn’t for Campnab notifying me of available spots. Well worth the money!

Karen Light

“I would not be camping this month without it....”

Campnab was very successful with assisting me to get the campsites, at the campgrounds on the weekends I wanted this summer. I thought the app was great, and have highly recommended it to my friends. I would not be camping this month without it.... thanks so much!

Lisa Good

“Absolutely unbelievable…”

100% recommend Campnab. By the time we got around to thinking about a trip to Yosemite it was a couple months before and every single site was completely booked. Through Campnab we were able to get an exact campground in the exact area of the park (in Yosemite !) For an entire week. Absolutely unbelievable and I am forever grateful to Campnab

Anna Malcolm

“Campnab really does help…”

Campnab really does help you to nab that spot!

Desiree White-Raagner

“You won't regret it…”

I would have never been able to get into the campsite I wanted this year without this app. I highly recommend your buying this app if you are trying to find a way to camp but didn't know 6 months ago when everyone else booked. It's an amazing service! You won't regret it, I promise.🙂

Christy Root

“The only way ive found to get a reservation”

Found this site two summers ago and it is a gem. I have used it for two summers now to get campsites that would be impossible to get otherwise. Worth every penny. Make sure you are prepared when they text you a site because people are fast at booking. If that website needs a login, make one first so that you can speed through checkout. I think to date, I have only missed one out of like 10-12 camp trips due to not getting a camp spot. Customer service is amazing to if you have questions.

Samuel Gold

“This is great service”

This is great service. I signed up and was able to a campsite with no problem. It was easy to sign up and very easy to cancel when I was done booking my camping for the summer! I recommend this service🙂

Erin McGinley Taylor

“All I can say it that it's really fantastic.”

Great! Alerts on cancelled reservations! On a recent trip to Yellowstone, my friend and I did a poor job of planning our stays. Everything was booked. I found CampNab. It allows you top setup scans where the app scans the places you want to reserved, and it sends you texts when it locates an opening. All I can say it that it's really fantastic. If you find yourself needing a camping spot that's reserved, get it! We got ours taken care of in less than a 24 hrs!

Kevin K.

“Bottom line...the service works.”

Most of us do not have the time or energy to sit on the computer looking for openings or cancellations. Campnab does it for you. Bottom line...the service works. Thanks guys.

Doug Glada

“We were very happy with the service…”

It's so competitive to reserve a campsite these days, but Campnab got us one for the weekend we wanted! We were very happy with the service and it was nice and easy to use.

Elke Latreille

“Definitely worth the money!”

This service was invaluable to plan our camping trip in July 2021! Ontario provincial parks were booked solid 5 months before the summer! With campnab alerts we were able to book 7 nights at 3 different parks! Definitely worth the money!

Tracey Robinson

“Worth every nickel”

Brilliant service that works exactly as advertised. Worth every nickel. Well done team!

Pete Bochenski

“Brilliant app!”

Forget the traditional way of booking campsites! CampNab found me 5 sites at otherwise sold out campgrounds in Ontario. Brilliant app!

Anna Kulaga Posch

“…money well spent!”

Campnab is the best thing that's happened to me as a camper! Why spend the countless hours checking/re-checking/re-re-checking all your favorite camp sites for openings when you can put Campnab on the job. I consider it a serious time saver, so money well spent!

Tara O'Neill Aronson

“Super useful website…”

Super useful website for grabbing last minute campsite availability. I will definitely keep using Campnab

Lindsay Recknell

“Such a fantastic service”

Thanks to Campnab, we scooped up campsites in Yosemite NP, Joshua Tree NP, Sequioa NP, and just returned from a group trip to Acadia NP - all this year! Such a fantastic service. Thank you!!

Kelly Marion

“Easy to use and very effective.”

Bridging a gap that is very well needed! Discover camping won’t even tell you when there are cancellations! Easy to use and very effective. We were able to book a campsite on a very busy long weekend because of campnab’s notifications.

The one part I don’t love is if a site doesn’t get scooped up right away you will continually get notifications for it. My settings are to scan every 15 mins and so sometimes I’ll get the same site notification text every 15mins. I feel like one notification for per campsite that opens is sufficient. Otherwise it’s a lot of texts that generally happen at 6 or 7am.

Otherwise very happy with it!

Haley Olsthoorn

“The Campnab service works amazingly well…”

The Campnab service works amazingly well and has never failed to get us in to a hard to book campground, or upgrade to a better/bigger site. My only hesitancy in telling everybody I know about Campnab is that it increases my competition!

Ryan David

“…I cannot say enough about Campnab!!”

Campnab has helped us book several sites. I never despair if I cannot find a site at our preferred park. I just enter the park info into Campnab and it ALWAYS finds us a site. We started full timing in June 2021 and Campnab is one of the best tools we’ve found!! Having a little flexibility helps a lot, as we have had to adjust to check in +/- a few days in either side, but I cannot say enough about Campnab!!

Chris Wik

“I couldn't be happier with the service”

I started using Campnab a couple months ago and I couldn't be happier with the service. I've been able to snag the best camp sites at hard to book campgrounds. If you ever have a problem, they have real humans on the other end happy to help you out however they can. 5-stars!

Brian Hartnack

“Got 2 premium spots…”

Totally worth it! Got 2 premium spots at silver strand beach a few days before check in. In 2 months time I received so many messages of availability definitely worth it.

Samantha Brown Prall

“This service works so great…”

This service works so great, was able to nab some highly coveted spots at peak times! Thank you so much!

Abby Wadley

“…got me into the sites I needed…”

Great product, does what it claims! Managed to get me in to all the sites I needed that it uses. The Text notifications were spot on, and got me into the sites I needed right away. Literally, without campnap I would have been struggling to get my grand tour of national parks planned, but with their product I was able to get in done and get what I needed scheduled for my family to have the memorable trip I was looking for.

My only complaint is that they don't have all the sites need. For instance, the main concession at Yellowstone, or the campground at Badlands. I hope they add those because then it would be AWESOME!

Jeff Abernathy

“…worth every penny”

We've used CampNab two years in a row with fantastic results! Snagged camping reservations in Sequoia and Yosemite (especially difficult this year) and the experience was worth every penny. We finally landed a third Yosemite night just a few days out--being VERY familiar with the app paid off. We'll use them again, I am certain!

Mary Humphrey

“Helped me get campsites two summers in a row…”

Had a great experience with campnab. Helped me get campsites two summers in a row, first in the Rockies and then at Canyonlands NP. Highly recommend!

Brian Vogt

“…worked amazingly!”

We used this for one short-notice trip and it worked amazingly!

Stefanie C. LeBlanc

“…so much easier!”

Love this app!! Makes those hard to get reservations so much easier!

Susan Heuser Muse

“Easy to use…”

Love, love, love Campnab! They have never failed to find me a site! Easy to use this service and very affordable. Customer service is excellent. 🙂

Teresa Beekman


If you like camping at bomb sites, and don't like to plan out 12 months in advance, USE THIS SERVICE!! Found a site at Yosemite, Big Sur, Voyagers AND Arcadia. Thanks for making our summer!!

Marcela Patricia

“I have been raving about Campnab to fellow campers and people I meet travelling.”

Wow..this site is great! I signed on for the $10 plan and had 3 specific sites we wanted…one was a highly competitive seat on the bus to Lake O’Hara which sold out for the season in minutes. Campnab was awesome. They sent me a text each time my selected campground ( and bus seat!) was available and I got every one of my selections. I have been raving about Campnab to fellow campers and people I meet travelling. Customer service is excellent too!

Linda Essak

“…take action and book immediately!”

Campnab works! I’ve been able to book several campsite reservations using their service. Sometimes I set it up to try for a better site in the park then what I already had booked. Tip - change your ringtone for the Campnab number to something unique so as soon as you hear that text, you take action and book immediately!

Camille Paulhus

“Great app!”

In January we planned on a March camping trip to Big Bend National Park. Every campsite was booked. But with Campnab I ended up with multiple choices for camping on our selected dates both in the National Park and in the nearby Big Bend State Park. Campnab made this happen. Great app!

Dennis S.

“this is a must app to have to secure those coveted campsites”

If you're a regular camper, or even if you're not, this is a must app to have to secure those coveted campsites. I started using it early this summer and it hasn't failed me to get me a spot I wanted yet (including the most difficult Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite)! It's amazing!

I've camped 5 times now using reservations "nabbed" on Campnab. The site is straightforward and easy to use. The subscription cost is well worth what it delivers for me. Kudos to the developer(s).

BJ Favaro Jr

“…give Campnab a try for your next adventures!”

Campnab has been one of our most useful tools for camping since we learned about it in March of this year, allowing us to scoop up other camper’s cancellations at some of the most difficult to reserve campsites across the US.

Campnab scored us about 10 Florida State Parks during the busy March season. We’ve also booked State and Federal parks in North and South Carolina, Maryland, South Dakota, Wyoming, and California from those wonderful text messages when Campnab alerts us a park we want has just become available. Some of the more difficult to reserve parks Campnab has helped us book include Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Assateague, and Anastasia.

If you’re frustrated trying to reserve a campsite because “all the best places are booked so far in advance”, give Campnab a try for your next adventures!

David Miller

“Rave to campnab”

Rave to campnab. Got the sites I wanted for 2 different weekends. Easy to use. Highly recommend

Simone Nordstrom

“I will definitely use this service again…”

I really like this service. It does the job well and it's well designed. What makes this service extra impressive is the high quality given the small team that run it. I will definitely use this service again the next time I can't get the booking I want.

Jason Voll

“…no site goes unused”

Perfect notification system because it grabs your attention wherever you are, giving you the heads up to run and grab a site! Ensures that more people have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful parks and no site goes unused.

Louise Gleeson

“…it has never failed me!!”

Campnab is an easy way to get those campsites that are hard to get! I have used campnab for two camping seasons and it has never failed me!! The website is extremely easy to navigate as well. Thank you to the Campnab inventors for creating this service for those of us who are frustrated when trying to reserve a campsite.

Barbara Mancell

“Eric and his team are really passionate folks…”

What a fantastic way to find campsites that are sold out and monitor them to see when they open up! Highly recommend this service. Eric and his team are really passionate folks, try the service and reach out to them if there are any questions!

Pankaj Luthra

“It is very helpful…”

I just wanted to say I love your service! I think we've found 4 hard to find sites from our scans this year so far. It is very helpful especially when everyone is getting more into camping.

I can only imagine how much work you've done to get all of these campgrounds in your database. Keep up the great work!

Tracy Heim

“It does what you would do…”

A super concept. It does what you would do: it checks to find sites available, sites that meet your requirements. It then tells you, it found one.

It is then up you to login, check to see if it's still available, then make the reservation.

Nothing bad, nothing nefarious, its not a bad robot that makes reservations, it just monitors availability on your behalf, just like you would do.... I have better things to do with my time.

It works, simple

Love it.

Denis Shelston

“What a great service”

With post covid rush to get camp sites, everything across the province is booked solid. Campnab allows you to let a program do the hunting for you. At 7am you get an alert, hop on the park site QUICKLY, book it and you're camping. AMAZING.. Works like a charm every time I use it.

Chris Mazurkiewicz

“Houdini Magic!”

We were able to get a prime spot; without any headache or hassle. I now use campnab as a “essential tool” to get rv spots. So easy & works great! Thx to both Eric’s for this ingenious website.

Colin M.

“Fantastic business”

I was looking for a campsite at Glacier National on Labor Day weekend. Only 45 days notice to join on this trip last minute so it was a long shot. Within 3 days I snagged a reservation at the campground we wanted for our full stay. There is no way I would have gotten this reservation without Campnab. Fantastic business.

Lindsey Ennis


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