Campsite alert tips and tricks

We help campers find campsite openings at otherwise sold-out parks. In our videos, we show tutorials on how the product works. We also share ideas, tips, and suggestions for getting you and your friends outside, and around a campfire. 🤙

What Doesn’t Campnab Do?

How to Create Campsite Availability Alerts

What is a Campsite Monitoring Service?

How Do I Set up a Campsite Notifications Scan?

How Do I Manage My Campsite Checker?

How Do I Get More Campsite Alerts?

Why Don’t I Receive Campsite Alerts?

Let’s Talk About Camping Bots

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Get notified when a sold-out campground has availability

Tell us when, where, and how long you want to camp for. We’ll notify you (via SMS) when a suitable spot opens up at that campground—so you can nab that sold-out campsite reservation!

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