How Do I Manage My Campsite Checker?

April 13, 2021

So, you signed up for Campnab and created a campsite availability scan. Now what? In this video, Eric shows you the Campnab dashboard and explains how to edit your scans, how to manage your account, and how to adjust your plan and payment options. It’s a quick walkthrough of our campground monitoring app.


Hey—Eric here from Campnab (one of the two).

Today, I’m going to answer another one of these FAQs, which is: How Do I Manage My Campsite Checker?

This is principally focused on the dashboard, so, let’s go look at a screen and pull up some of that information.

Create a scan

So, again, your first scan is going to involve scrolling down to this Create a Scan area adding your park name.

And the system will step you through everything from setting number of days you would like to stay, campground filters, and eventually, your plan and payment options.

I’m going to show you what you do afterwards. So, let’s say you haven’t been on here for a little while and you want to come back and manage your scan.

Signing in

So, the first thing I’m going to do is: I’m going to click on this Dashboard link. Now I’m prompted for my mobile number and I’m going to enter that. And now I get this prompt for an access code.

So, we send this by text. You just grab that number and pop it in there and you’re logged in. (Or I’m logged in.)

The reason we do this, instead of email, is that it just saves you from dealing with spam filters. It also means you don’t have to remember a username and password. (Which honestly I have too many of to keep straight.)

The Dashboard

So, this is the dashboard. We’ve added a few quick shortcuts for you that’ll get you started.

The Scans screen

But, you’re going to spend the bulk of your time in this Scan screen.

And you’re going to do pretty much everything you need to do here. Before I get into that, though, let me show you this quick little button here ;).

Chat support

If you click that Chat button, Eric and I will make ourselves available to you and answer any questions you have.

Important parts: Pop your email address in here, so, if we can’t get back to you for a while, you’re notified of our reply.

You might want to turn on browser notifications, so, you’re getting updates from us—as well directly to your browser.

And do keep in mind: We’re trying to get out a bit… like we’re in front of our screens all the time. We’re getting a little tired, and we want to spend some time with our respective families. We want to go biking, running, hiking… maybe even camping…

So, if you don’t get a response from us immediately it’s because this isn’t a bot. This is actually two real human beings, hopping out here and answering your questions. So, be patient with us, but we we really respect your time. And we’ll respond as quickly as we possibly can.

Now if you want to create a new scan: very simple. Click this button. It’ll load the Home page, where you can go and create a new scan like you would at any time. I don’t want to do that right now.

Managing your scans

I want to go back to the Scans page and manage my scans. Now, in this area, you can see the scans that are running.

I have one for Porteau Cove. I can see which campgrounds I’m looking for. I can see that I’m scanning for two nights, and my arrival date.

I’m on a cheap plan. Something a lot of folks don’t realize is that you can get away with one of our lower cost plans and do very well in a lot of areas.

The two exceptions are California and Florida. If you’re in California and Florida you’ve got to get an Awesome Plan—especially if you’re at spots like Yosemite, San Elijo, Bahia Honda… (which I think I always say wrong.) You know there are those spots that are in super-high-demand, and you need a higher frequency scan. But up in B.C. I’m running every 15 minutes, and I’m totally fine.

Alert logs

You can see when your scan started running and the number of alerts. If I click on the number of alerts, I can pop in here [pictured in video] and see the exact alert that came through.

This is really pretty useful because if, for example, there’s a carrier outage where you’re not receiving your alerts. This is a way for us to pinpoint that—and know that we need to reach out to that carrier, or that you need to reach out to them, to correct that issue.

Or we know that there’s just intermittent service on the carrier-end. This does happen. Cell carriers just have outages sometimes.

Pausing and resuming scans

Again, on this Scans screen: I could go in here and pause that scan. If I do, it’s immediately moved into this Paused Scans section. I can resume the scan… because I still want to go to Porteau Cove. And it reappears here.

Editing your scan

I can also edit it and delete it. So, editing the scan simply pulls me into the original workflow that I used to set up the scan. I can go and edit any of my settings. I just need to remember to click that Save Changes button at the end, to make sure that my changes hold.

Deleting scans

I don’t need to do that this time, though. I can also choose to delete a scan if I’d like. That will just move it down into this Previous Scans category. So, you can see what you did run—but they’re not accessible any longer.

That’s the guts of the Scans page. (It’s pretty straightforward.)

I should point this out though: You see this link here [pictured in video], that says: “share your affiliate link”?

If you click on that you get this handy-dandy link, that you can use to share online, or share with your friends—and you get a few bucks back, when they sign up for a scan or a membership.

It’s not a huge amount of money, but we just figure it’s a nice little kind of thank you, for helping spread the word about us.

From here I can click the Create button for one more spot if i’d like.


I can also adjust my settings, so, I can go into the Settings section, and edit my name my email address and my phone number. If you do change your phone number be aware that this is now how you have to access our site.

You’re going to need the same number to access Campnab. Your email is principally used for sending you receipts. We think this is important: that you see the charges that are coming through—especially for monthly plans. So, please make sure your email is accurate.


Next we have this Plan section. Now, in here you can see first-of-all what plan you’re currently on and this is also shown here: I’m on a monthly Good Plan. The plan is going to automatically renew on May the 7th.

I can cancel my plan right here [pictured in video]. Now keep in mind that if you do click Cancel your Plan, you’ll still be able to access your plan right up until May the 7th, even though it’s currently April the 8th.

So, if you think that you’re not going to need Campnab beyond that date, cancel it today. You’ll still have it for the rest of the month.

You can upgrade. You can pick from one of the plans here. You can also opt for an annual membership which gives you roughly a 25 percent savings for committing. Just keep in mind that annual plans run for a full year minimum. So, if you don’t camp that much don’t do that. We don’t want you buying anything you don’t want.

Payment method

Last up is payment method. In this section you can simply update your payment method—especially if it’s set to expire. Not a really big deal, but you can come here, pop in your new credit card number, and update the card.

And when you’re done with all of this, you can click this Sign Out button.


So that’s it. That’s how you manage your campsite scans. Not that tough, right? I knew it wasn’t, but I figured: sometimes it’s just good to see what it all looks like, and get a sense for yourself.

We’re working really hard to add more features and more jurisdictions to Campnab. We really want to make this the best we can for you.

So, if you have a chance, hit the Subscribe button on our YouTube channel and you’ll get more of these videos in your YouTube feed (which is probably good if you’re curious about what we’re doing).

I’ve got my fingers crossed there’s more of this beautiful weather coming! I just love seeing the sun and I can’t wait to get out camping!

Hopefully we’ll see you out there!


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