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The choice is yours

You can use Campnab on an ongoing basis through a membership, or, you can buy pay-per-use scans as you need them. Unsure which is right for you? Here’s an article that looks at which Campnab plan is right for you and another that goes over the benefits of a Campnab membership. Still have questions? Kick us an email or chat with us.


If you camp regularly, memberships offer good value. These plans allow you to monitor multiple parks for cancelations, filter your scans, and edit them as your needs change.

Plans automatically renew each month/year. Cancel anytime from your dashboard, at least one day before renewal. Every plan includes one-on-one support from one of the Erics (we’re happy to help). 🤙

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Pay-per-use scans

Infrequent camper with limited requirements? A pay-per-use scan is a one-time purchase. Set it up and it’ll run right up to your preferred arrival date. 👌

Pay-per-use scans can only be edited until you receive your first alert.

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You’ll love Campnab because…

We scan lots (and lots) of parks

There are a lot of campgrounds out there, and we scan a great many of them. As of today, our service can monitor over 3,200 parks—and over 7,000 campgrounds. (We have over 300,000 campsites in our directory.)

Our service can help you find a spot at parks in Canada as well as the United States, at state, provincial, and national parks—and more. We aren’t done, yet! Every day we’re working 🛠 to scan more parks, so, we can help you find a spot at the campground you love!

You can scan for permits!

Are you a backcountry camper, hunter, river rafter, or interested in a tour? 🏔Well, then you probably know all-to-well how difficult these permits can be to come by. Many of our members have reached out asking for help with this.

We listen to our members. So, as of spring 2021, you can now use Campnab to scan more than 650 permits and tickets (tours, passes, permits, day use, backcountry, etc.) at parks booked through

Our filters allow for customization

Looking for a specific type of campsite? Maybe something with electrical hookups, or for a particular length to suit your RV needs? Our filtering options help you customize each scan to meet your requirements.

In fact, you can even specify the exact campsites you’re interested in, if you’re one of those picky types. Don’t worry… we aren’t judging. 😉 Filtering is yet another member-requested feature—because we listen.

It’s super-duper easy to use

You know how some things just feel right? Like the people who made them just cared about what they were building? Well, if you appreciate that kind of craftsmanship, you’re our kind of people. 💯

Campnab members often reach out to say how much they enjoy using Campnab. There are no passwords to remember, the app is easy to navigate, and we’re always tinkering behind the scenes to keep scans running smoothly—because this matters to us!

You can talk to real humans

We’re Eric and Eric. We’ve been friends for ~30 years and we built this product together. We like working one-on-one with people, and you’ll find that when you sign up.

Got a problem? Looking for an answer? Need tips for improving your scans? Just ask and we’ll help. (Please note, there might be a delay if we’re on our bikes, skis, or out of cell range.)

Sound like an exaggeration? Check these reviews. 💬



“I Honestly, had no expectation your site would work in this situation. Too much demand and not enough time. I was wrong.”
—Dave Hruby
“Really awesome this worked out and for sure it wouldn't have happened without Campnab”
—Jason Nims
“Was a bit skeptical at first but Campnab turned out to be an absolute savior for our trip!”
—Wisam Abdulla
“It has saved my sanity and help us have some wonderful family camping trips. Thank-you, campnab!”
—Sharon Paterson
“Sounded too good to be true, but found out it isn't! Campnab has found a site for us every time we've asked.”
—Andrew Bates
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Get notified when a sold-out campground has availability

Tell us when, where, and how long you want to camp for. We’ll notify you (via SMS) when a suitable spot opens up at that campground—so you can nab that sold-out campsite reservation!

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