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Campers visit Central Canada’s “Keystone Province” to freshwater fish and canoe the province’s many lakes. They also enjoy wildlife viewing, exploring Manitoba’s vast prairies, dense boreal forests, Northern Arctic Tundra, and the Hudson Bay Coastal Region. Visitors should make a point of visiting Riding Mountain National Park. Those travelling north can bask in the magnificent northern lights under clear skies, free of light pollution.

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Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park is a national park in Manitoba, Canada. The park is located within Treaty 2 Territory and sits atop the Manitoba Escarpment. Consisting of a protected area 2,969 km2 (1,146 sq mi), the forested parkland stands in sharp contrast to the surrounding prairie farmland. It was designated a national park because it protects three different ecosystems that converge in the ...

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Falcon Beach

Falcon Beach is a Canadian TV show, filmed in Winnipeg and Manitoba and aired on both Canadian and American networks. It first deputed in 2005 as a movie in Canada, but then produced in 2006 as a TV series. It's unique because each episode has two versions: one for Canada with Canadian references and one for the US with American references. The film is set in the fictional resort town of Falcon...

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Birds Hill

Birds Hill is an unincorporated community in the Canadian province of Manitoba located a few kilometers northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the Rural Municipality of East St. Paul. The community is a few kilometers east of the Red River The R.M. of East St. Paul's Administration and Finance Departments, Fire Department, municipal council chambers, and RCMP offices are located in Birds Hill. Th...

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Tulabi Falls

Nopiming Provincial Park is a natural provincial park in Manitoba, Canada, located on the southeast side of the province, along the boundary with Ontario. The area was designated a provincial park by the Government of Manitoba in 1976. The park is 1,429 square kilometres (552 sq mi) in size. It is considered a Class II protected area under the IUCN protected area management categories. The park...

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Nutimik Lake

Winnipeg River is a Canadian river that flows roughly northwest from Lake of the Woods in the province of Ontario to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba. This river is 235 kilometres (146 mi) long from the Norman Dam in Kenora to its mouth at Lake Winnipeg. Its watershed is 106,500 square kilometres (41,100 sq mi) in area, mainly in Canada. About 29,000 square kilometres (11,000 sq mi) of the watershed i...

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Falcon Lakeshore

Falcon Lake is an unincorporated urban centre at the western end of Falcon Lake situated in the southeasternmost section of the Whiteshell Provincial Park in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is the major entry point to the Whiteshell from the Trans-Canada Highway. Three provincially operated campgrounds, Falcon Creek, Falcon Beach and Falcon Lakeshore, picnic areas, a swimming beach and ad...

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Kiche Manitou

Many places throughout North, Central, and South America take their names from the languages of the indigenous inhabitants of the area. The following list, organized by country, includes settlements, geographic features, and political subdivisions whose names are derived from indigenous languages.

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Hecla Gull Harbour

Communities in the Province of Manitoba, Canada include incorporated municipalities, unincorporated communities and First Nations communities. Types of incorporated municipalities include urban municipalities, rural municipalities and local government districts. Urban municipalities can be named as cities, towns, villages or simply urban municipalities. The administration of urban and rural mu...

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