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A brief introduction to Point Mugu SP

Point Mugu (, Chumash: Muwu) is a cape or promontory within Point Mugu State Park on the Pacific Coast in Ventura County, near the city of Port Hueneme and the city of Oxnard. The name is believed to be derived from the Chumash Indian term "Muwu", meaning "beach", which was first mentioned by Cabrillo in his journals in 1542. Mugu Lagoon is a salt marsh just upcoast from the promontory within the Naval Base Ventura County formerly called the Naval Air Station Point Mugu.

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Camper reviews for Point Mugu SP

Perfect spot tucked off Hwy 1

The Sycamore Campground is a great option for campers looking for a convenient beachside location but tucked away from the traffic on Hwy 1. The campsites were plenty large and well-equipped. The hosts were very friendly and always had firewood stocked. The beach directly across the street has picnic benches and was quite lovely as well.

Miles and miles of incredible trails just off the back of the campground. A mountain bikers haven! Offers terrain for all levels.

Jen Rose
Jen Rose reviewed Point Mugu SP
on May 31st, 2023

The Beach. That's it.

Bring you sunshades, sunblock, and a rake. There's absolutely no natural shade here, but who cares. Get into the ocean and shut it. Set a timer to remember to put on sunblock, because from sunrise to sunset - it's just pure sun.
Cell service is no good. That's fine. Bring a book.

Sand is going to get everywhere. There's no flush toilets - it's all portapotties. There are no hookups. If you have solar panels, you are going to live your best life.

The surf is awesome, that's why you camp here. Spend your days in the water, play on the beach, and build cairns with all the rocks on the beach.

People get weird about the boundaries of their campsite. if it gets weird, talk to the ranger (who swings by on a regular basis), let them handle the weirdo neighbors. The kids will run all over the place, and will run thru your site. You can either be the person who's going to be okay with it - OR grumble to yourself. You are in Southern California at the beach. Shut up and watch the waves.

Ginny Brideau
Ginny Brideau reviewed Point Mugu SP
on March 9th, 2023

No cell service, clean bathrooms, and all the beaches

This campground is north of Leo Carrillo, and is the opposite of LC. There’s no store. You have to cross the PCH to get to the beach, and none of the sites have hookups.

You will get sets of very well maintained bathrooms, showers, and access to a progression of trails for those on bike or foot.

Hike/Bike spot is tucked behind the unofficial RV area. This often turns into invites to Hike/Bikers for them to join an RVer for dinner or S’mores.

Ginny Brideau
Ginny Brideau reviewed Point Mugu SP
on March 6th, 2023


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