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Keystone Lake - Pirate Alice
Photo: Pirate Alice
Keystone Lake - Pirate Alice
Photo: Pirate Alice
Keystone Lake - Pirate Alice
Photo: Pirate Alice
Keystone Lake - John Brighenti
Photo: John Brighenti
Keystone Lake - Pirate Alice
Photo: Pirate Alice


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A brief introduction to Keystone Lake

Keystone Lake's blue-green water and the natural beauty of its setting -- wooded shoreline, sandy beaches, high bluffs, grasslands, and low rolling hills -- make it a visual treat the year round. The lake meanders into small valleys, creating many arms and land fingers. A network of county, state, Federal highways invites sightseers into many points overlooking the lake. The lake is on the Arkansas River 15 miles west of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. This 26,000 acre lake is truly an urban playground. There are 16 recreation areas (3 with alcohol free beaches); 11 boat ramps, miles of sandy beaches, 3 marinas, 2 off-road vehicle areas, 5 short distance trails, a waterfowl refuge, 3 seasonal green tree reservoirs, and thousands of acres of land open to public hunting. Camping facilities range from primitive to full hook up. Cabins are available at Keystone State Park. Boat rentals are available through Keyport Marina and Pier 51. Keystone Lake is noted for its striped bass, sand bass, black bass, lake strain small mouth bass, crappie, and catfish. Downstream fisheries are accessible from Whitewater and Brush Creek Parks. Swift Park (a day use Tulsa County park) provides boat access to the Arkansas River below the lake when water levels are adequate. Hunting and fishing are regulated by state and Federal laws. The same licenses are required as in the other parts of the State of Oklahoma. Services and supplies are available at commercial concessions on the lake. Overnight accommodations are available in nearby communities. Copies of rules and regulations governing public use of the lake may be obtained at the Keystone Project Office.

Keystone Lake is a reservoir in northeastern Oklahoma on the Arkansas and Cimarron rivers. It is located upstream about 23 miles (37 km) from Tulsa. It was created in 1968 when the Keystone Dam was completed. The primary purposes are: flood control, hydroelectric power generation, wildlife management and recreation.

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A Really Pretty Campground and Nice Park

This is a beautiful park and campground that has nicely paved roads, and spacious, comfortable campsites. Well worth the visit.

Carl Crumley reviewed Keystone Lake
on March 18th, 2023


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