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Mendocino Lake

Chekaka Recreation Area Lake Mendocino

Mendocino Lake

Kyen Campground And Oak Grove Day Use Area

Mendocino Lake

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Mendocino Lake


A brief introduction to Mendocino Lake

Lake Mendocino is located in the midst of wine country and near the gateway to the Redwoods. It is two hours north of the Bay area in central Mendocino County, near the city of Ukiah. The lake was created by a dam in 1958.

Lake Mendocino offers many recreational opportunities including over 300 campsites, with boat-in camping and 15 miles of hiking and biking trails. Some of the trails are in the 700-acre wilderness area, where native wildlife can be viewed. There are five large day-use areas with covered picnic shelters and barbeques. For on-the-water fun, there is boating, swimming and water skiing Fishing for large and small mouth bass, strippers, crappie, blue gill and three varieties of catfish is a popular activity.

Lake Mendocino is a large reservoir in Mendocino County, California, northeast of Ukiah. It covers 1,922 acres (7.78 km2) and was formed by the construction of Coyote Valley Dam in 1958. The lake and dam provide flood control, water conservation, hydroelectric power, and recreation. The dam also includes a fallout shelter built during the Cold War era to protect against the radiation from nuclear attacks from the Soviet Union. Each year the city hosts the "Dam Dog Walk" on New Years Day as a celebration.

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