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Gray Pine Group Campground

Mendocino National Forest

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Mendocino National Forest

Pine Mountain Lookout

Mendocino National Forest

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Mendocino National Forest


A brief introduction to Mendocino National Forest

Recreation Information

Howard Lake located on the Covelo Ranger District

Howard Lake is located on the Covelo Ranger District.

Want to kick back and relax under shady pines by a sparkling lake? Looking for a "base camp" for a day of hiking, boating, fishing, or swimming? Want to just get out of the house for the day for a nice picnic in the great outdoors? If so, the Mendocino National Forest can offer you that and more!

Offering nearly one million acres for your enjoyment, relaxation, and exploration, you can experience the solitude of the wilderness or enjoy camping near others in developed campgrounds. Camp in densely forested woodlands or open meadows, discover secluded flats along river banks and enjoy panoramic views of majestic mountains.

A continuing goal of the Mendocino National Forest is to ensure accessible recreational opportunities are available to everyone.

Policy on Pet Dogs

Pets in Developed Recreation Sites: Under 36 CFR 261.16(j) Animals, other than a seeing eye dog, must be crated, caged, or upon a leash not longer than six feet, or otherwise under physical restrictive control.

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To use our web site to help you plan your visit to the Forest, navigate by choosing your planned recreational activity in the left menu. If you have a favorite area in mind, it may be faster to use the map below or the "Find An Area" link in the right-hand column. The current status of the more popular campgrounds and trailheads, is listed in the table below the map with a link to more information.

Alerts & Notices

Also be sure to look at the Alerts & Notices page to view any emergency closures or other information that might affect your visit.

Black Butte is a mountain butte located in the Northern Coast Ranges of California south of Mendocino Pass. It rises to an elevation of 7,455 feet (2,272 m) north of the Black Butte River.
The mountain on the Mendocino National Forest is the highest point in county of Glenn County. In spite of the difference in elevation between the river valley at 2,800 feet (850 m) and Black Butte, the summit's prominence is moderate due to the neighboring 6,500-foot (1,980 m) Plaskett Meadows. The high elevation of the mountain and plateau bring heavy winter snowfall and a low average annual temperature.
US Forest Highway 7, a dirt road connection between the eastern and western segments of State Route 162 passes to the north of Black Butte. However, this route is closed in winter due to heavy snowfall.

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