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A brief introduction to Poinsett State Park

Poinsett State Park is located in Sumter County in the U.S. state of South Carolina. The park is best known for its botanical oddities, combining the flora of the Blue Ridge Mountains foothills and Piedmont of Upstate South Carolina, the xeric Sandhills and the Atlantic coastal plain. In Poinsett State Park one can see mountain laurels draped with Spanish moss. The park, which has been called "weird and beautiful", is named after amateur botanist and South Carolina native Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first American ambassador to Mexico and popularizer of the poinsettia. There is a $3 charge for admission to Poinsett State Park and there are small fees for overnight camping and cabin rentals. The park is surrounded by the Manchester State Forest, and both provide access to the Palmetto Trail, linked hiking and mountain bike trails, and Manchester State Forest offers equestrian trails.

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Camper reviews for Poinsett State Park

Nice retreat

Nice, quite campground with water and electric only. The bathhouse was directly behind us. They are very clean but need some maintenance. Rusty the host was very friendly. Andrew the Ranger was very friendly too. The lake and office is about a half mile from the campground. Site 7, 2 bars Verizon, 20A & 30A only, Water, no sewer. Does have a dumping station. Fairly level site. Had to lift one side about 1.5" and the front about 3". Dirt/sandy site.

Holt Hopkins
Holt Hopkins reviewed Poinsett State Park
on May 31st, 2023


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