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Rough River Lake

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Rough River Lake

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Rough River Lake

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Rough River Lake


A brief introduction to Rough River Lake

The 5,100 acre Rough River Lake provides a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in cooperation with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, manages Rough River Lake's land and water for wildlife, fisheries, and recreation. The lake is situated in Breckinridge, Hardin, and Grayson counties in south central Kentucky. The dam is located on the Rough River near the community of Falls of Rough, about 20 miles from Leitchfield and 95 miles southwest of Louisville. Many visitors enjoy seeing the historic Green Farm nearby, consisting of about 3,000 acres, a large ancestral home, an old water-powered mill and store, and a new 18-hole golf course, Lafayette Green. The original land grant was to former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Sebastian, who was a co-conspirator with Aaron Burr. George Washington, who traded it for a horse, once owned part of the land.

The Rough River Lake is a Y-shaped reservoir located in Breckinridge, Hardin, and Grayson counties in Kentucky, United States, about 70 miles southwest of Louisville. This lake was created by the building of a dam, begun in 1955 and completed in 1961, 89.3 miles (143.7 km) above the connection between the Rough River and the Green River. The land and water, along with the wildlife, fisheries, and recreational activities, are all managed under the cooperation of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A primary attraction is Rough River Dam State Resort Park.

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Nice campground with good views

We enjoyed visiting Axtel and plan to return soon!

Stacie Edwards
Stacie Edwards reviewed Rough River Lake
on September 2nd, 2023


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