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Fundy National Park - James P. Mann
Photo: James P. Mann
Fundy National Park - msprague
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Fundy National Park - James P. Mann
Photo: James P. Mann
Fundy National Park - msprague
Photo: msprague
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Fundy National Park


Fundy National Park

Chignecto North - # 1 - 79

Fundy National Park

Chignecto North - # 80 - 161

Fundy National Park

Headquarters - #1 - 30

Fundy National Park

Headquarters - #34 - 58

Fundy National Park

Headquarters - #59 - 124

Fundy National Park

Headquarters - #Y1 - Y5

Fundy National Park


Fundy National Park

Point Wolfe - #63 - 133

Fundy National Park


A brief introduction to Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park is a national park of Canada located on the Bay of Fundy, near the village of Alma, New Brunswick. It was officially opened on 29 July 1950. The park showcases a rugged coastline which rises up to the Canadian Highlands, the highest tides in the world and more than 25 waterfalls. The park covers an area of 207 km2 (80 sq mi) along Goose Bay, the northwestern branch of the Bay of Fundy. When one looks across the Bay, one can see the northern Nova Scotia coast.
At low tide, park visitors can explore the ocean floor where a variety of sea creatures (e.g., dog whelk, periwinkles, various seaweeds) cling to life. At high tide, the ocean floor disappears under 15 m (49 ft) of salt water.
Park amenities include a golf course, a heated saltwater swimming pool, three campgrounds, and a network of over 100 km (62 mi) of hiking and biking trails. There are 25 hiking trails throughout the park. The Caribou Plains trail and boardwalk provides access to upland forest and bog habitats. Dickson Falls is the most popular trail in the park. During the winter, Fundy National Park is available for day use, at one's own risk. Visitors use the park to go cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and winter walking. The cross-country ski trails are groomed by the local Chignecto Ski Club.
A variety of scientific projects are ongoing in the park, with the primary focus on monitoring the park's ecology. Recent projects have focused on re-establishing aquatic connectivity in the park (Bennett Lake Dam, new Culverts, Dickson Brook restoration. Species such as the endangered Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon, martens and fishers, brook trout, eel, and moose are monitored regularly.
The Dobson Trail and Fundy Footpath extend out of the park to Riverview and to Fundy-St. Martins respectively. A unique red-painted covered bridge is located at Point Wolfe.
Other rivers that flow through the park include the:

Broad River
Point Wolfe River
Upper Salmon River

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