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Piney Run Park is a nature park in Sykesville, located in Carroll County, Maryland. It is Carroll County's oldest developed park and hosts thousands of visitors annually. The park encompasses 550 acres of fields, forest and open spaces, features over 15 miles of hiking trails, a 300-acre lake and many sports and recreational facilities. Prior to being a park, this land was a private farm.
The Piney Run project was initiated in 1964 to provide southeastern Carroll County with a future water supply, a site for outdoor recreation, and for protection from flooding. Construction of a 73-foot-high earthen dam began in 1973 and was completed 16 months later. This created the 300-acre lake that is used for boating, fishing and wildlife conservation. A portion of the 500 acres surrounding the lake has been developed for recreational use. The remaining land is conserved in its natural state. The lake is 50 feet deep at the lowest part, just in front of the dam.
Piney Run Park officially began operations in 1976. At this time, the only building in the park was the entrance station. The Park Manager had his office at that location and all Park business, including rental of boats, occurred there.
Since 1976, many structures have been erected throughout the park, including the Nature Center and the boathouse. Semi-permanent structures have also been added, such as picnic tables, six pavilions, playgrounds, an amphitheater, and basketball and tennis courts. Additionally, a steel sculpture titled "The Great Blue Heron," created by local Sykesville artist, Virginia Sperry, was installed in March 2018 off-shore near the boathouse.

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