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Perry Lake - Wikipedia
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A brief introduction to Perry Lake

Located conveniently near the cities of Topeka, Lawrence, and Kansas City, Perry Lake boasts a wide variety of recreational opportunities. The lake is proud to host the 30-mile Perry Lake National Recreational Hiking Trail, renowned for its rugged terrain. Hikers will enjoy the scenic beauty of the 30-mile National Recreation Trail which follows the eastern shoreline. From Topeka 17 mi NE on US 24 to Perry.

Perry Lake is a US Army Corps of Engineers operated reservoir in northeast Kansas. Its primary purposes are flood control, water reserve for nearby areas and regional recreation. The lake is approximately 11,150 acres (45 km²) in size, with over 160 miles (260 km) of shoreline. Perry Lake's full multi-purpose pool elevation is 891.5 feet (271.7 m) above sea level. Perry Lake is located about 40 miles (64 km) west of Kansas City, just northwest of Lawrence, Kansas. Its close proximity to Kansas City, Lawrence, and the state capitol, Topeka, make it a very popular destination, with the nickname "Paradise on the Plains".

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