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Curry Hammock State Park


A brief introduction to Curry Hammock State Park

Looking for a relaxing escape to the Florida Keys? If so, you’ve probably already considered camping (tenting or RVing) at Curry Hammock State Park. At just over 650 acres, the park offers lots of space to play. Visitors often bike, kayak, and go birdwatching. Others like to explore the area’s rockland hammocks, mangrove forests, and coquina shorelines. Consider visiting between November and April for nicer weather and fewer mosquitoes.

Camping at Curry Hammock State Park

Curry Hammock State Park offers a relatively small number of campsites—just 28. These campsites can accommodate tents and RVs. Each provides a gravel pad, electrical service, water, a picnic table, a charcoal grill, and hammock posts. Some sites have an ocean view. There is one fire pit on the beach, but you can’t have a fire in your campsite.

The campground has a dump station, bathhouse, and well-maintained facilities and grounds. There’s just one ADA campsite at Curry Hammock. All campground facilities are accessible, including Pavilion 1 and the restroom. Service animals are welcome at Florida State Parks.

Location, Geography, and History of Curry Hammock State Park

You’ll find Curry Hammock State Park along the south side of US 1, starting at mile marker 56.2. The park spans both Crawl Key and Grassy Key and covers 657.89 acres. The park is recognized as one of the largest undeveloped land masses in the area. The surrounding Florida Keys are abundant in coral reefs, mangrove forests, and marine life. Visitors should make a point of exploring the nearby Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail. This paved path stretches from Key Largo to Key West.

Curry Hammock is part of the high coral keys, which reach maximum elevations of 10 – 12 feet. Indigenous peoples, including the Calusa and Tequesta tribes, traditionally inhabited these lands. In the 1500s, European settlers reached this area because they were interested in fishing and salvaging shipwrecks.

The land that Curry Hammock is on once belonged to Thomas Curry, who purchased large parts of the Middle and Upper Keys. His daughter, Lamar Louise Curry, was instrumental in the land’s preservation. In 1991, the area became a state park.

Ecosystems, Wildlife, and Vegetation at Curry Hammock State Park

See those hardwood trees growing on shallow limestone soil? That’s a rockland hammock, providing a habitat for many at-risk species. Salt-tolerant mangrove forests protect shorelines and offer nursery habitat to fish and shellfish. Other marine animals find habitat in the coquina rock shoreline (made up of soft limestone from mollusk shells). The grasses and plants of the salt marshes filter pollutants from water and are home to birds and fish.

Those who appreciate wildlife will find a small subspecies of endangered white-tailed deer, called key deer, in the Keys. Intelligent and resourceful raccoons, as are cottontail rabbits, are at home in the area. You might see a reddish-brown furred Eastern fox squirrel working to disperse seeds. Other notable wildlife you’ll see include green tree frogs and Anolis lizards (both can change color). In the water, you’ll find Florida spiny lobsters and pink shrimp. Bird watchers might spot bald eagles, osprey, brown pelicans, and yellow warblers.

You’ll find the colors of the keys in vining yellow passionflower, vibrant blue porter weed (that attracts butterflies), and delicate butterfly orchids that sport white and purple flowers. Several cacti species add a desert-like element to the landscape. Various shapes and sizes of bromeliads add visual interest and diversity to the forest canopy. Keep an eye out for gumbo limbo, known as the “tourist tree” for its red, peeling bark—like a sunburnt tourist.

Sporting, Recreational, and Cultural Activities at Curry Hammock State Park

Curry Hammock State Park isn’t known for sporting activities, but you can hike the Long Loop, Hammock, or Snake Trail. (Bikes are allowed on the first one mentioned.) The seashore lets campers witness the region and wildlife by kayak or canoe. Over 200 bird species, none-to-mention butterflies, turtles, and dolphins, make a home in and around the park. Those who wish to catch dinner might reel in a local tarpon, bonefish, or snook.

People come to the keys to relax. Some will search for seashells and treasures along the shore. Others will connect with family around a grill. Some go for a swim, sunbathe (for that “gumbo limbo look”), or do some nighttime stargazing. Kids can build a sandcastle, become a junior ranger, or visit a nearby nature center.

Risks, Tips, and Notes for Curry Hammock State Park

Some things you should remember when planning your trip: During the rainy season, the mosquitos can be bad at Curry Hammock (pack your insect repellant and screened shelter). Venomous snakes are present, as are stingrays. Florida is the sunshine state. So, wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat—and stay hydrated.

Most prefer visiting Curry Hammock State Park between November and April for the temperate weather and fewer mosquitos. Reserve your campsite well in advance, as the park has limited campsites that sell out quickly. Pack a hammock, as they’re welcome—and the most chill way to take an afternoon nap. As with camping anywhere, please respect the environment and wildlife and pack your trash out.

Campers love visiting Curry Hammock to hammock-camp among diverse ecosystems of forests, hammocks, and shorelines. The park is also near other popular Florida Keys destinations, allowing for more exploration.

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Camper reviews for Curry Hammock State Park

Beautiful Stay

Using camp nab to get a stay at Curry hammock was the best idea I’ve had this season. We love the keys, and I’ve always tried to get in, but we were unable until we use camp Nab. We had a beautiful ocean side spot. The bathrooms were clean and we were very happy.!

Mary jane Risbara
Mary jane Risbara reviewed Curry Hammock State Park
on May 12th, 2023

Best of the best

I hate to tell this but the secret is already out because they maintain “full to capacity” year round. Sites are very nice and the area is beautiful and rustic - at least around the park. Water activities are numerous. This is not a park for glamping - you will be sadly disappointed - but if you like remote and nature - this is a great park.

Terry Hicks
Terry Hicks reviewed Curry Hammock State Park
on May 6th, 2023

Another Top Florida State Park

Curry Hammock is one of Florida's top parks with terrific scenery in the beautiful Florida Keys. Even though my experience has been that all Florida state parks are clean and well-maintained, this one really stands out. They obviously put a lot of effort into keeping it in top shape. I highly recommend this park.

Carl Crumley reviewed Curry Hammock State Park
on March 13th, 2023


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