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Camper reviews for Redwood Camp (sites 13-29) at Limekiln SP

not big or very private but beautiful

We stayed at Limekiln SP on a PCH trip (site 27). It was a great spot for a night and the folks running the campground were especially nice (we arrived later than expected and they'd left the gate covertly unlocked for us). On the redwoods side of the park, there is a lovely stream that runs right to the ocean. None of the sites are very private--you are close to your neighbors--but the location is fantastic for exploring the PCH. In fact, some of the beach sites are right under the road (see photo)! We'd stay here again and hope to get some hiking in. In 2021 trails were closed because of fire damage so we missed the old Limekilns and the falls.

Mary C Humphrey
Campnab user reviewed Limekiln SP
on January 25th, 2023


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