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Camper reviews for Canyon Campground (sites 1-24, 78-133) at Leo Carrillo SP


You made it to Malibu and you don't want to spend $180 a night at the Malibu RV park? Here you go! Reservations are a must, and often last minute sites are available (cough cough campnab). Most sites have electrical (so you can charge your Tesla, which is what I usually see). The store is open during the summer, and there's often a good food truck in their lot.

Cell service isn't so great, and the trails into the mountains aren't that fun. One side of the campground is adjacent to Mulholland Speedway, I mean highway. The upper canyon is usually loud, and full of RVs in various stages of questionable maintenance. It's a great way to meet a legit surfer who bought a Class A back in the 1990s, and peaked.

This campground is awesome for beachcombing. Flipping all the rocks, and putting them's great.

Ginny Brideau
Campnab user reviewed Leo Carrillo SP
on March 6th, 2023


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