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Garin Regional Park is a regional park located in Hayward, California, that is part of the East Bay Regional Parks system. It shares a contiguous border with sister park Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park. The park is the site of the former Garin Ranch, sold by Andrew J. Garin to the district in 1966.
"Ukraina Honcharenko", the former homestead of Ukrainian political émigré Agapius Honcharenko and a California Historical Landmark, is located in the park.
The park is situated behind the California State University, East Bay campus, and extends south, sharing a border with Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. Summits in the park reach as high as 1,500 feet. Among the maintained trails, Garin Regional Park features several fenced off abandoned trails, some of which lead deep into the forest.

The park is used by the Hayward Area Athletic League as a high-school cross-country course. It is considered the home course of Moreau Catholic High School. Due to the hilly nature of the course race times are generally slower on this course than comparable distances elsewhere. The 2 and 3 mile trails that are used climb the hills at the front of the park. The entire San Francisco Bay can be viewed from the hills.
The park contains a small historic apple orchard with heirloom varieties. The park hosts the Garin Apple Festival in late Summer, with apples available for tasting.

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