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Clear Creek Al

National Forests In Alabama

Corinth Recreation Area

National Forests In Alabama

Houston Recreation Area

National Forests In Alabama

Houston Shelter

National Forests In Alabama


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Places of Great Escapes

What will you see in Alabama’s National Forests?  Get moving and take a “Great Escape” trip by exercising in one of Alabama’s national forests. A drive to one of our national forests provides opportunities for hiking, running, walking, bicycling, swimming, and canoeing.

Plan Your Trip

A good rule of thumb when choosing an outdoor exercising activity in the national forest is to be prepared before you leave. There are some things you should know before deciding to hit the trail for the first time to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience. Contact a district office to obtain maps and publications that highlight trails or discuss exercise plans with a recreation specialist. Become familiar with the type of recreation activity the trail is designed for and be aware of the terrain, distance and elevation before using the trail. Maps can provide detailed descriptions about the trail and help in deciding which workout is right for you. In terms of outer wear, a good pair of trail hiking shoes can provide a harder sole for stepping in rocky areas. It is of primary importance to be equipped with the following 10 essentials on all hiking trips: map, compass, whistle (3 blasts for help), flashlight, sharp knife, fire starter, water, first-aid kit, extra food and clothing suitable for the season. Please be aware of our forest areas that may be closed due prescribed burns or emergencies, and use caution during hunting season.

Alabama Wilderness Areas

What will you see in Alabama’s National Forests? Glance at a few of our attractions.

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