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Bridgeport Beach Shelter

Alabama River Lakes

Chilatchee Creek

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East Bank Beach Shelters

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Elm Bluff Campground

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Gees Bend Park

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Gunter Hill

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Holy Ground Shelters

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Isaac Creek

Alabama River Lakes

Isaac Creek Shelters

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Millers Ferry Campground

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Prairie Creek Al

Alabama River Lakes

Six Mile Creek

Alabama River Lakes

Training Dike Park

Alabama River Lakes


A brief introduction to Alabama River Lakes

Claiborne Lake is the most primitive of the Alabama River Lakes. Nestled in Alabama's southwest hill country, the lake encompasses over 60 miles of the Alabama River, stretching from the Claiborne Lock and Dam to Millers Ferry Lock and Dam. Claiborne Lock and Dam was completed in 1971 but was opened for navigation in November 1969. It has no power installation. Although the lake remains mostly within the original river banks, Claiborne provides extensive opportunities for water-related recreation.

Bisecting Alabama's Black Prairie Belt, the William "Bill" Dannelly Reservoir encompasses 105 miles of the Alabama River. Dannelly Reservoir boasts an area of about 27 square miles and a shoreline of more than 500 miles. Since opening in 1974, the lake and its surrounding parks have become a recreational center, offering excellent fishing, skiing, boating and hunting. With its great appeal to sportsmen, birders, naturalists and those who just want to "get away from it all," it's little wonder that almost 3 million people visit Dannelly each year.

Woodruff Lake offers such activities as fishing, boating, water-skiing, picnicking, camping, swimming and hiking. The project features 11 parks that are well-facilitated for visitors. Conveniences at the parks include beaches, campgrounds, picnic areas, trails and boat launching ramps. Since construction of the first park in 1975, annual attendance figures have soared to over 2 million.

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